CHARLES AND SANDY ASKEW lead PRAYER LINE, an intercessory prayer ministry addressing primarily the needs of Maranatha Village residents.

The compassion and breadth of PRAYER LINE are seen in the 2021 stats: 
Distributed 56 prayer requests (24 for residents, 32 for non-residents), 35 death notices (26 of residents, 9 of non-residents) and 4 general service announcements for Maranatha Village residents.

The PRAYER LINE is made up of over 163 individuals, of which the majority were contacted by email. A few residents without an email address were contacted by telephone.

With 91 (56 + 35) prayer requests being distributed to over 163 individuals, there was a potential for nearly 15,000 prayers being offered for the residents, family and friends of Maranatha Village.

What else can we say but PRAISE THE LORD!

You may join this team of intercessors, and receive regular email prayer requests, by contacting Charles at 


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